Innovation redefined

Company Overview

CooperTronix is a electronics and computer company based in Loughborough, Leicestershire providing service, repair and new products to fit every solution possible in this field.

CooperTronix is a freedom respecting company that provides the respect and dignity computer users deserve. We full support the open source free software platform without compromise. One of the things that defines us apart from any other company on the planet is that we invent and innovate using a completely freedom product. This means we never close source code or restrict the user in any way what so ever. Transparency within todays technology is paramount to fuelling a growing innovative market.

CooperTronix is set out with the mind that the global patent system can protect our technology and not closing or locking the user out by closed source software/hardware. The user must always have the right to do as he wishes without causing harm to others including commercial organizations. Under no circumstances does any technology that CooperTronix produce permit re-sale without explicit permission or the product to be used and sold as any other product. This is a violation of our licence. Disrespectful would be an understatement in this area. We will not ever close source any of our products so as you can see, we deliver the most unique one and only service.

Being as most of our products are patented this means you can not purchase them anywhere else in the world or obtain anything similar without it being a fake lesser quality product.

Check our site for more amazing wonders we can do with our chips, let us help you open your mind to the possibility for you and your company.

 Note: CooperTronix is still active but temporarily not official trading. The site remains open for research and development, support to existing customers products and for further future product development.
If you are interested in products and services from CooperTronix please contact us.