Innovation redefined



Freedom means different things to different people. To us it means exactly what the dictionary states. Free to do as you wish without restriction.

In the commercial world rules must exist, restriction are in place to limit what a commercial entity can or can not do but when it comes down to the public non commercial person no restriction at all must be placed or forced on them. Under no circumstances does this mean that a person can partake in criminal activity, criminal activity is exactly that, criminal.

Provided that a person acts within the law then the user must have the complete ability to do as he/she wishes to. If carrying out that freedom requires a higher level of skill then so be it. We are not saying that skill is something that is handed to you in your lap and this creates much confusion in regard to computer freedom. Many expect this freedom but at the same time expect others just to do the work for them free of charge. This is not the case, you have to understand if you do not posses or do not wish to posses the skills needed to exercise your freedom then you are free to pay an entity like us to do that work for you.

Trust has a big part to play in this field. You have to trust a developer, programmer, designer to assure he delivers you the quality at the same time making user to preserve your freedom. This is why at CooperTronix this is our highest priority to remain transparent, trustworthy and legal.

The WEB as we know it today is built on the overwhelming power of freedom. It provides the public to access information globally, upload data of all kinds freely and simply. Any form of restriction on this would completely destroy the WEB as we know it today which is why it is imperative that freedom in the world of computers remains the highest priority of everything that we do.

The main reasons for the GNU/Linux Operating System is to do just that. When you physically purchase a device you are buying it fully knowing it is your belonging, your property. If you decide to paint it a different colour to that it came in then you have the full right to do so. If you decide to take it apart and interchange parts with another device or just upgrade you have the full right to do so. Same goes for software, if you want to take that software and use it on another device you should be able to do just that even if it means running it on more than one device at the same time.

As you can see the importance of GNU/Linux software is a great one and is needed in todays world of computing.