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CooperTronix Computers

Computers made by CooperTronix

CooperTronix computers are one of the most unique computer system you can buy. We design them from the ground up in connection with our partners.

Because our systems are so unique they are tailored to our customers exact needs. We use the finest highest quality of components without compromise. You can be assured you are getting the best of the best.

With CooperTronix in house designed patented technologies we are able to deliver unprecedented computer systems as a complete package not found elsewhere. We provide multiple architectures from X86 to RISC, SPARC and more. The most common architecture is of course the X86 delivered from Intel and AMD which provide incredible processing power. The processor is only as good as the IO(Input Output) if you can not get the data in and out of these chips they are as much use as a 10 year old computer system.

CooperTronix has designed powerful ways in which to maximize throughput of these technologies.

CooperTronix is an Intel and SuperMicro partner. We can deliver the most powerful computer experience to our customers well beyond the standard on the market today. Our computer products come with a long life cycle. Unlike many manufacturers who drop support for the product in the aim to encourage their customers to upgrade. We do not do this, we continue the support for the life cycle of the product however long that maybe.

As you can see, a CooperTronix computer is not just a computer but it is a work of perfection, a masterpiece, unprecedented quality with outstanding customer satisfaction delivered to the customer without compromise.