Innovation redefined


About us - Brief history


CooperTronix was originally called Triple-C and was founded back in 1998. The company did very well in Electrical servicing and computer systems. Later on in 2009 the company name was changed to CooperTronix after it was clear that we became a developing company that began to design and manufacture electronic devices.


Although we still provide all of the previous services that were provided under the trading name of Triple-C we now design and manufacture inventions invented by CooperTronix. Tho company is focused on inventing new devices and new ways of doing things from the data centre to the home. We do not compromise on quality so our products are completely of the highest quality. We set out to provide the very best in everything we do and so far we have achieved just that. Our mission to provide the world with advanced devices that empower humanity to further invent while never compromising freedom, to educate and provide support for a better world.